Who is ‘GP and Human?’ – This is ‘Me’…

So...here goes....no turning back now! This is 'me'... Dr. Kathryn Hayman

Preparing for ‘The Big Reveal;’ Who am I?!

I am not yet sure exactly when I will reveal my identity, but I now know that I will!

‘GP and Human’ 5 months on; a New Chapter Begins

Through this negative experience, there has been much to learn and there are positive outcomes and new doors opening.

A blog about lack of blogs…!

It's been a while since I've published a blog. This is mostly a good thing! In the last couple of weeks, life has been a bit more 'normal' in many ways. I am still signed off work; things are undoubtedly better but there are definitely a few more 'rungs of the ladder' to climb before… Continue reading A blog about lack of blogs…!