I am a GP.

I am also a normal human being:
– Mother of 2 boys aged 4 and 2.
– I have a chronic disease.
– I am also an amateur musician and enjoy gardening and photography.

There are struggles with both aspects; and this makes me who I am and each side affects the other.

I started writing this blog in September 2017 as a result of being ‘broken;’ things felt overwhelming and chaotic yet empty. I was finding it difficult to talk, but easy to write. My first piece, ‘The Other Side’, has been widely shared and has now been read over 40,000 times; apparently it resonates with others.

Since then, I have continued to chart my journey and have had wonderful feedback from others; doctors feeling the same, other people with mental health struggles and relatives and friends of those who suffer. I am told I have put into words what others find hard to express and that it is helping to open up communication about the taboo subject of mental health; which, it seems, is particularly perceived as such in doctors.

I have set up online support groups for GPs and Physicians (hosted on Facebook) which has provided a space for doctors to share their feelings and experiences and support each other.

I have also created ‘Glos. Medics Meet’; a monthly meeting for local doctors to meet together for peer support.

I am gradually developing the site more widely; other aspects of ‘GP and Humanity.’ I intend it to be a resource for anyone who has an interest in the subject matter. This will be through sharing links to established medical resources, non-medical information and obviously my blogs which are, of course, my own subjective thoughts and should only be viewed as such.

My personal motto that I’ve carried for many years:

‘In every negative experience, there is a positive and something to learn.’



All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the views of anyone else, including my employer. I hope my blogs and writing will be helpful to others but it is not intended to replace individualised proper medical assessment and advice.