The future of ‘GP and Human?’

I am not a writer.

I am not a blogger.

Well…I wasn’t. I would never in a million years have expected to start writing and blogging.

I ‘accidentally’ (!) started doing it once my found myself in a situation that intuitively led me to start this.

I started writing for me; as an outlet for my disordered feelings and to process my thoughts. Then I shared it in small circles. People liked it and wanted to share it. So I let it go out into wider circles. It has provided me with a wealth of support. It also resonated with some people and some found it helpful; either for themselves or as an insight to understanding others better. So I kept sharing because it was helping me and it was helping others. I am on a journey of recovery now. Part of my improvement so far is due to the fact I have written the blog and had hugely positive interactions with readers.

I am relatively anonymous although I am not foolish and naive enough to presume my identity will stay contained. However, I don’t feel I have shared anything that is likely to put me at any risk. The openness has been the main reason that my blogs have been well received; people can relate and understand. It is breaking down barriers. I am also learning from my experience. I think others could too. I am immensely grateful to those that have shared the journey with me so far.

However, I must now stop. Apart from some friendly advice to do so, I have now been told to stop publishing by a source that leaves me with little choice (this is for my own protection).

I am still writing in the background (now much more positively!)….but that will have to stay hidden…for now. At some point, the ‘recovery’ from this situation will be in the past tense. Maybe then, it will be acceptable for me to ‘release’ the blogs if that still feels appropriate.

Longer term, I think there will be things that may be useful to write about beyond the current theme.

I will still be a GP. And I will still be human.

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