World Mental Health Day; a Day Late

A smiling facade can mask much pain, Fear and loneliness often reign, Do not try to understand, Just lend an ear or a hand, This is not something you can mend, But just be there; be a friend.

Happy Summer Solstice….and a bit of blurb

So, I am not disappearing in any way and maybe one day, it will be appropriate to wake 'GP and Human' up from its sleep.

I Just Want to Escape

I have spent a lifetime trying to be the best person I can be. Yet it's never enough. And, despite best intentions, I keep messing up. I am no good as a mother, wife or doctor. I'm fed up of the futility of trying so hard for nothing. I just want it all to go away. Curl up and hide. Escape. Switch off.

Fear of Falling Back to the Old Life.

So, I can feel hints of what I struggled with before and there is a fear of falling back to that to a degree although I am sure it would never get back to that extreme. But pretty much everything is, and will remain, better than before September.

Who is ‘GP and Human?’ – This is ‘Me’… turning back now! This is 'me'... Dr. Kathryn Hayman