Just. So. Tired.

I get really tired. I wonder why I get so tired.

I’ve tried to do all the usual advised lifestyle things to improve this such as more exercise but activity seems to just make it worse.

Is there something else? Iron deficiency or something? Is it mental-health related?

It’s so frustrating and not how I am used to being. I have always been on the go and keep going until everything is done; I just can’t relax if things are outstanding. Leaving things just makes them build up and become even more overwhelming.

But I’ve just reflected on today – Tuesdays are usually a day ‘off’ (employed work at least!).

– Day started at 6.10am when the youngest woke and I’d had another restless night so lack of sleep; not a good start.

– Straight into sorting the boys – wash/dress/breakfast etc.

– Empty the dishwasher, put everything away and put the outstanding stuff in, wash up the stuff that can’t go in.

– Play with the boys outside and do a bit of plant pruning at the same time.

– Deal with incessantly argumentative nearly 4 year old who, amongst other issues, refused to go to the toilet which resulted in a ‘situation’ to clean up.

– Deal with relentless demands to play with this, read that, provide suitable food and drink that meets approval at exactly the right moment on the right colour plate and so on.

– Youngest seemed to be grizzling all day for no apparent reason.

– Cook and slice a gammon joint ready for the fridge.

– Cook the boys’ lunch.

– Start preparing an online shop.

– Do some computer work whilst the youngest naps and the oldest has the TV on a bit (that’s the deal we have to keep him quiet enough!).

– Wash and sort a bath-load (!) of second-hand plastic tat (er….I mean toys) at my parents’ house.

– Get little ‘un’s tea and to bed having deposited the eldest with my mum for the night. (A very welcome relief after the day we’d had!)

– Interspersed during the course of the day, do 4 loads of washing. Fold up the clean clothes, bedding and towels and put them all away. This felt like much more than these sentences appear!

– Tidy up the chaos of the day in the living room.

– Clean up the kitchen and dining room.

– Finally stop at 22.03pm.

– Try to wind down ready for bed and wonder why I can’t so start typing all this drivel instead! (I know screens don’t help in theory but writing does help me at the moment!)

This was a fairly typical Tuesday. And when I’ve been at work for 12 hours, I still try and cram a load of these chores into the evenings. At the moment, I seem to push through when I have to, then flop when I have a chance – but those chances will diminish once I’m back at work….

Hmm. Maybe being ‘tired all the time’ isn’t such a surprise after all!

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