Unjust Complaints

(Those who follow my Facebook page will already have read this but I wanted to save it on the website too.)

This is going to be blunt, but hear me out please.

Over the last few years, I have got the impression that the world is becoming more and more selfish, greedy and ‘entitled’ especially with regard to healthcare.

Just during the course of today, I have heard about 2 instances that demonstrate this to the point of ridiculousness…

1) Referral of a child by a lovely, very thorough and competent GP declined by the parent and neither did they follow up as advised. Significant diagnosis made some time later. Several years down the line (why the delay??), now trying to sue this GP. Clearly, money and blame dominating over sensibility, kindness and consideration of impact. The GP had gone above and beyond what most of us would have done but the parent ignored the advice. How is this GP to blame exactly?

2) Patient referred on a 2 week wait pathway for ‘red flag’ symptoms that could mean cancer. GPs do this every day to make sure things are safe, not missed and picked up early to give the best prognosis possible by early investigation and treatment. Patient DIDN’T have cancer (as most don’t that go through this process). Patient complained that GP caused unnecessary distress. Er…..so you’d rather actually have cancer?

Both situations show GPs with a high standard of clinical assessment and competence who dealt with these scenarios completely appropriately.

Come on people, don’t be daft. Don’t always blame others. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don’t always look to your own selfish wants. Don’t forget the impact on others by these selfish actions. Don’t forget that we GPs are human too. We aren’t always perfect. We also have emotions. Things like this, especially when completely unjust, have a massive negative impact on our wellbeing and sometimes even on our whole careers. Dealing with the fallout from these situations puts even more pressure on GPs’ time and clearly adds to their mental load whilst they are still trying to continue to practice at a safe and competent level. These are good GPs acting in the best interests of their patients.

The NHS is short of GPs already. Don’t push more of us out. Please.

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