Vicious Cycles in Depression

Unhappiness → intolerance and impatience → snappiness → self-criticism → unhappiness.
Inadequacy. Depression.

Fatigue → lack of energy → lack of motivation → sedentariness → fatigue.
Ongoing exhaustion, a losing battle. Lack of energy.

Overwhelmed → daunted and panic→ disordered memory and thought processes → inability to function properly → accumulation of tasks → overwhelmed.
Always too much to cope with. Reduced function.

Feel a failure → try again → push harder → can’t manage it or mess it up → feel a failure.
Loss of purpose. Worthlessness and guilt.

Unhappiness → intolerance and impatience → snappiness → self-criticism → unhappiness.
Inadequacy. Depression.

Depression → Lack of energy → Reduced function → Worthlessness and guilt→ Depression.  Small vicious cycles within a bigger vicious cycle.

1 thought on “Vicious Cycles in Depression”

  1. My top tip is to pick one thing every day which you know you can definitely manage that day. Then when you have done it you give yourself a mental pat on the back. When the negative stuff starts ‘you haven’t done anything all day’ you can say ‘the one thing I said I was going to do, I have done’.
    You feel stupid, but eventually it works! Break every activity down into really small steps and give yourself a pat on the back for each one. It stops the dreadful negative spiral and becomes automatic after a while.

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