Life can sometimes seem a challenge,
And we, as humans, are prone to whinge,
So wrapped up in our own lives we can be,
Not seeing past personal negativity.

Many aspects cause us stress,
We think our lives are such a mess,
Actually much for which to be thankful,
But taken for granted; subconsciously ungrateful.

Then something happens to another,
That changes the image altogether,
Suddenly, our worries fade away,
As we realise we’re really okay.

How dare we mither about minor troubles,
When others have much greater struggles?
Adversity they must endure,
Making decisions which are so unsure.

Emotions dominated by sadness and fear,
Anger or guilt too may appear,
Much anticipation and uncertainty,
But perception may be worse than reality.

My dear friends, much empathy have I,
For you, I’ve had a little cry,
How you feel I cannot pretend to know,
But by your side I will stay through high and low.

Difficult decisions will become past,
Good will shine through; hold fast,
Life will certainly change in some way,
But, either way, joy will return one day.

Listen, others; remember well,
On negatives, do not dwell,
Value your blessings and really live,
Keep everything in perspective.

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