‘Just’ a GP?

This started off as a normal written blog but, quite frankly, it sounded like a bit of a moan and rather boring so I decided to liven it up a bit! (I do not claim to be a poet or to have written it well…I just had a bit of fun!)

‘Just’ a GP?

I am ‘just’ a GP, so folk say,
Even us ourselves some days,
We do so much to keep ill health at bay,
So why is it seen this way?

We cannot mend your broken ankle or replace your dodgy hip,
We cannot cure your cancer; for that we’re not equipped,
We are not experts in psychosis when your mind has a blip,
We are not experts in urology when you have a nuisance drip!

But we can navigate our way through everything,
What is coming next? – It could be anything!
Detectives of human body and mind,
Clues and probabilities; a solution we try to find.

We deal with ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes,
and eyes and ears and mouth and nose!’…
…and hearts and chests, guts and life’s woes,
and pretty much everything else – who knows?!

Cardiology, Respiratory, Gynaecology, Dermatology,
Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, ENT, Neurology,
Each consultation brings a surprise; it could be any -ology!
When there are lists, we deal with a whole anthology!

No easy access to referrals and investigations,
Careful with resources; in effect, there are rations,
We mainly depend on good history and examination,
Using our skills to reveal the causation.

Physically, mentally, psychologically,
Not forgetting emotionally and socially,
Often layered with complexity,
We excel at seeing our patients holistically.

In front of me, not just a single ‘case,’
A whole person is behind that face,
Every aspect into context we do place,
Also considering how they interlace.

We get to know them through continuity,
We learn about their lives through familiarity,
A full picture enables better clarity,
And helps us spot a disparity.

With some people, we interact for many years,
Often simple things like ears and smears!
We journey with them through worries and fears,
Honoured to be there when they shed their tears.

We’re usually the first port of call,
It’s true we cannot sort out all,
But many things we can; both big and small,
Much more than just a gateway to the hospital.

Each of us with varying interests,
With different knowledge and skills are blessed,
And something I feel I must address,
Experience aplenty we do possess.

Some think we took the easy route,
But this, for certain, I must dispute,
So many things that convolute,
I find it far easier to play the flute!

Some think we ‘couldn’t make it’
To be hospital specialists,
But this isn’t true one bit,
GPs by choice, not due to IQ deficit.

No single speciality could I choose,
So do it all; what is there to lose?
Variety and diversity; plenty to muse,
Often helped along by one or two brews!

Sometimes just a listening ear,
Other times something quite severe,
Patient and I, a team together,
A privilege to have this career.

There through thick and thin,
Stability and humanity herein,
Many attributes we have within,
Please look past our outer skin.

We are Expert Medical Generalists,
Consultants in General Practice; GP specialists,
Please let us not be dismissed,
We are not ‘just’ GPs; you get the gist!

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